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Pathways to Prevention offers a wide variety of programs, education, training and resources available to professionals, organizations and the public. Our programs and services provide knowledge and support for professionals or service providers who seek to prevent and reduce the effects of individuals impacted by childhood trauma. 

Clinical Consultations

Pathways to Prevention provides a wide variety of supports to the programs at Hull and the community. These services include (but are not limited to) clinical supervision, reflective practice, research support, training and educational support, assessment using the NMT Metric, case consultation and therapy. 

Our services support individuals, caregivers, educators, and mental health professionals looking to understand how an individual’s history of developmental trauma can impact social, emotional, cognitive, and relational development. 

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Push to Heal

The Matt Banister Memorial Skatepark on our SW Campus, along with the lens provided by Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model (NM), highlights skateboarding as an activity that supports the needs of the population that Hull serves. The Push to Heal program provides skateboard-based opportunities as a means of engaging youth and enriching the treatment being provided. Push to Heal also contributes to a deeper understanding of the impact of skateboarding on healing as well as the development of best practices in the international social skateboarding community. 

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