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Hull Services and Pathways to Prevention: A Centre for Childhood Trauma

Pathways to Prevention: A Centre for Childhood Trauma is a division of Hull Services. This connection to Hull Services provides Pathways to Prevention with the synergies necessary to support research, training, education, and learning, directly influencing how services are delivered within Hull’s programs. Pathways to Prevention builds on Hull’s well-established reputation as a leader in developmental trauma. While Hull Services continues to do transformational work with children and families, Pathways to Prevention will build the capacity of professionals, communities, and systems to work toward its goal of eradicating developmental trauma.

Pathways to Prevention: Centre for Developmental Trauma operates in adherence to Hull’s core values and leadership philosophy and reports through to Hull Services Executive Director and Board of Governors.

About Hull Services

Hull Services has long had a reputation for providing leading-edge child, youth, and family mental health services. They work with children, youth, and families who have experienced significant challenges. Hull offers them an opportunity to seek well-being and happiness, focusing on mental health.

Hull’s vision is for resilient young people and families to thrive within communities that support their mental health and well-being. In Calgary, they have been working toward this goal for more than 60 years.

They work with children who have often experienced chaotic, trouble-filled lives. Hull offers them and their families an opportunity to seek health and happiness, focusing on mental health.

At Hull, they believe in dignity, wellness, and worth. This, combined with a commitment to building respectful relationships, holding space for authentic dialogue, and working effectively together, guides them in how they undertake planning, decision making, and collective work toward their vision.

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