Indigenous Resilience and Relational Wellbeing: Cultural Considerations for the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT)

Thursday, 27-Jun-2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm  mt
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Join Lea S. Denny in this transformative training as we explore the process of expanding beyond the clinical approaches centered on individualism while creating space for collective healing informed care. In this training Denny will provide an alternative theoretical orientation that promotes decolonization, urging clinicians to approach the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) with humility, collectivism, and a heightened self-awareness. She aims to deepen the comprehension of mental health before crafting treatment plans, interventions, and clinical decisions. By intentionally considering a thoughtful approach together we will navigate the complexities of incorporating culturally responsive practices within the Lea S. Denny Community Activated Medicine™ (CAM™) Framework™ and integrating the decision-making process and recommendations of the NMT. We invite you to embark on a journey of continued learning through self-awareness, collective healing, and honoring diverse cultural perspectives.


  1. What is safety? A message from our Elders and Youth.
  2. Explore the findings of Historical Trauma research to deepen understanding of the impact and root causes of individual and intergenerational trauma, grief, and stressors, that go beyond mental health diagnoses that underscore the importance of culturally respectful NMT considerations and recommendations.
  3. Explore the practice of slowing down to listen authentically and within the historical and intergenerational context of Post-Traumatic Wisdoms to identify sustainable cultural resources, ways of being, and healing opportunities embedded within the fabric of the community.
  4. Learn CAM™ Framework™ key concepts to deepen your understanding of Historical Trauma and intergenerational grief and loss that will promote a compassionate practice informing your process in filling out the NMT Clinical Abstract Form, clinical reconstruction (i.e., prevalence/severity of shame, depression, anger, substance use, etc. within the relational milieu), and the NMT metric.
  5. Review samples of culturally responsive programs, questionnaires, and interventions that support treatment planning such as the CAM ™ Healing Passport ™ and the role of five key relationships that play a vital role in healing-informed practices when utilizing the NMT and developing a culturally responsive therapeutic web of care.


  1. Increased awareness on how to move beyond historical trauma-wounding to post-traumatic healing.
  2. Enhanced culturally responsive listening and understanding resulting in improved NMT practices when working with Indigenous peoples and communities.
  3. Empowered practitioners equipped with tools and insights to navigate NMT with humility, collectivism, and heightened self-awareness, ultimately contributing to more equitable and accessible mental health care for all.

Recording will be available for 30 days after the event. It will be sent directly to each registered participant.  

About Lea S. Denny, MS, LPC, NCC, NMT

Lea S. Denny, MS, LPC, NCC, NMT, a globally sought out expert with a visionary and innovative perspective, is a National Board-Certified Licensed Counselor and a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics trainer with a focus on Indigenous healing. She is of Hawaiian and Filipino descent and her family is Indigenous to the Oneida and Ojibwe Nations. Beyond her roles as a wife, mother of two, and valued community member, Denny holds the responsibility and care of the notable positions of Chief Executive Officer, Visionary, Founder, and Clinical Director at the HIR Wellness Institute, a survivor and women led organization that serves survivors of violence, especially sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sex trafficking, and MMIW/R (missing & murdered Indigenous women/relatives). This institute is dedicated to pioneering advancements in addressing historical and intergenerational trauma through the provision of free mental health care and wellness services.

Denny has an impressive track record of over 20 years in the mental health field and she has been at the forefront of transforming how mental health care services are delivered to Indigenous and underserved communities worldwide. Leading a diverse interdisciplinary team of 16 professionals and continuously expanding, she is actively shaping the narrative around decolonizing mental health and embodying the paradigm shift towards healing-informed care and matriarchal shared leadership. Denny’s groundbreaking Lea S. Denny CAM™ Framework™ and Mental Health Without Borders Approach™, along with her innovative CAMPsite™ model, have revolutionized access to mental health providers and support within community spaces.

Committed to workforce development, Denny has created a healing-informed organization that focuses on nurturing the next generation of helping providers and workforce development initiatives through her CAM™ Advanced Placement Training site. Her involvement as a community researcher on historical trauma healing, particularly in projects such as the CDC Indigenous research initiative on healing Adverse Childhood Experiences and tackling issues like the opioid epidemic and healthy homes, showcases her dedication to making tangible impacts in the field.

In addition to her active roles in various local and national councils and committees, including noteworthy positions such as Committee Member of the Wisconsin State Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and honorary faculty member at the University of California Davis, Denny’s influence is felt globally. She is an international speaker and trainer with a focus on Indigenous Wellbeing. She has shared her expertise with over 10,000 individuals and has graced prestigious events worldwide while being recognized for her contributions in health justice and mental health service delivery.

For further insights into the remarkable work of Lea S. Denny, visit her website at

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