Scientific Articles

Feasibility and Acceptability of Implementing a Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children Impacted by Trauma Within a Residential Treatment Facility.

David Lindenbach, Alida Anderson, Emily Wang, Madison Heintz, Melissa Rowbotham, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Paul D. Arnold, & Gina Dimitropoulos,

April, 2024

A Qualitative Study on the Implementation of a Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children in a Child Welfare Residential Treatment Program.

Gina Dmitropoulos, David Lindenbach, Alida Anderson, Melissa Rowbotham, Emily Wang, Madison Heintz, Jill Ehrenreich-May, & Paul D. Arnold.

December, 2023

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Brief, Online Transdiagnostic Psychotherapy for Young Adults.

Gina Dimitropoulos, David Lindenbach, Melissa Rowbotham, Daniel J. Devoe, Amanda Richardson, Tom Mogan, Scott B. Patten, Jill Ehrenreich-May, & Paul D. Arnold

May, 2023

The Well-Being of Youth with Complex Needs in Care Preparing to Transition to Adulthood.

Jocelyn McQuay, Gabrielle Wilcox, & David Nordstokke

March, 2023

Capacity, Confidence and Training of Canadian Educators and School Staff to Recognize and Respond to Sexual Abuse and Internet Exploitation of Their Students.

David Lindenbach, Olivia Cullen, Asmita Bhattarai, Rosemary Perry, Ruth L. Diaz, Scott B. Patten, & Gina Dimitropoulos

February. 2021

Restraint and Critical Incident Reduction Following Introduction of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT).

Erin P Hambrick, Thomas W. Brawner, Bruce D. Perry, Emily Wang, Gene Griffin, Toni DeMarco, … & Mark Strother.

April, 2018

A Neuro-Developmentally Sensitive and Trauma Informed Service Delivery Approach for Child and Youth Mental Health and Psychiatry.

Thomas Wilkes, Emily Wang, & Bruce Perry

April, 2017

Book Chapters

A Trauma-Informed Approach to the Unified Protocol for Children with Exposure to Child Maltreatment.

Rinatte Gruen, David Lindenbach, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Paul Arnold, & Gina Dimitropoulos.

July 2023

Understanding and Applying a Neurodevelopmental Approach in Residential Interventions.

Robert E. Leiberman, Tina Champagne, Emily Wang, & Katie Rushlo.

January 2020

The Neurosequential Model Approach: Integration and Practice Across Multiple Programs.

Emily Perry, Gene Griffin, Michelle Maikoetter, Steve Graner, Jana Rosenfelt, Bruce Perry, Emily Wang

May 2018

Research Support

Applying Indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing to a talk therapy program for Indigenous youth, families and communities in Alberta.

Lindenbach (Nominated Principal Applicant), Eagle Speaker (Principal Applicant), Sipos (Principal Applicant), Wang (Principal Applicant), O’Neill (Co-applicant), Scammel (Collaborator)

Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute: One Child Every Child Seedling Award. 2024 – 2026. $50,000.

Preventing and mitigating developmental trauma through a transdisciplinary community-university partnership.

Lindenbach (Project Holder), Wang (Principal Applicant)

University of Calgary Transdisciplinary Connector Grant. 2024. $17,000.

A beginner’s pump track to support trauma-informed recreation for vulnerable youth.

Lindenbach (Primary Applicant), Pippus (Co-Applicant)

Parks Foundation Calgary Amateur Sport Grant. 2024 – 2025. $50,000.

Capturing the youth voice to inform outcomes for child and youth advocacy centres.

Lindenbach (Co-applicant)

Canadian Consortium on Child & Youth Trauma Seed Grant. 2023-2024. $25,000.

LEAPS-IYS: Learning to Equitably Adapt Peer Support for Integrated Youth Services.

Lindenbach (Co-applicant)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Catalyst Grant. 2023-2024. $199,960.

TransitionED: Co-designing and implementing Canadian Practice Guidelines for transitions for youth and young adults with eating disorders.

Lindenbach (Co-applicant)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Team Grant: Transitions in Care. 2022 – 2026. $960,000.

Enhancing resilience among vulnerable youth through online delivery of a brief, evidence-based psychotherapy.

Sipos (Primary Applicant), Wang (Primary Applicant), Lindenbach (Co-applicant)

Government of Alberta Mental Health and Addiction COVID-19 Community Funding Application. 2020-2021. $48,000.

The Canadian Consortium on Child Trauma and Trauma-informed Care.

Wang (Co-applicant)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Grant. 2020-2027. $2,500,000.

Impact of child maltreatment: identifying biological and psycho-social predictors of risk, resilience and response to interventions.

Wang (Co-applicant)

An Anonymous Donor. 2019-2022. $450,000.

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