Pathways to Prevention

A Centre For Childhood Trauma

Imagine a future where developmental trauma no longer exists — children need not be removed from their families, generational patterns of abuse, neglect, violence and addiction are broken, and families are empowered to meet the developmental needs of their babies from the time they learn they are pregnant. Pathways to Prevention: A Centre for Childhood Trauma was created to achieve this goal of realizing a future free from developmental trauma.

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Who is Pathways to Prevention?

Pathways to Prevention: A centre for developmental trauma was created to achieve this goal of realizing a future free from developmental trauma. The centre is an international hub for researchers and service providers in the field to engage in:
Research to better understand and effectively treat the impacts of developmental trauma
Training & Education
Training & Education to better equip and support those impacted by developmental trauma effectively
Advocacy to transform policy and practice across systems so appropriate preventative supports are provided
Clinical Intervention & Consultation
Individuals will be supported through direct service provision, to prevent more intensive treatment and minimize the impact of developmental trauma

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Pathways to Prevention is a leader in trauma-informed care in the community and worldwide. Our team of highly trained professionals facilitates public training and courses to build the capacity of other organizations and systems to more effectively identify and respond to developmental trauma in the populations they serve.

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